5 Simple Solutions For Staying Safe When Moving A Safe To Your New Home

18 December 2017
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Whether used for storing precious metals, important documents, or guns and ammunition, a safe is a great investment for your home and family. These safes protect your belongings from fire, flood, and theft, but they are also one of the most effective ways for storing guns safely away from children. Even though they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, the fire and flood resistant materials make safes incredibly bulky and heavy to transport if and when you decide to move. Read More 

Moving Furniture? Follow These Rules For Safety

8 May 2017
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Furniture tends to be harder to move than boxes. Some items have a strange shape, making them hard to manipulate around corners, and others are just plain heavy! To make sure you and your helpers don't injure yourselves when moving furniture, follow these safety tips. If possible, take it apart. Not all furniture comes apart, but if your pieces do come apart, it's worth your while to spend a little extra time disassembling them. Read More 

Finding A Place To Store Your Items In Between Moves: 3 Tips For Temporarily Renting A Self Storage Unit

17 April 2017
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You don't necessarily have to rent a self storage unit for long. Many facilities offer short term rentals. In fact, 36% of self storage unit renters only keep their unit for anywhere from 3 to 12 months. These short term rentals are perfect for people who are seeking some extra space temporarily while they are in between moves. If you can't move everything you own from your old house to your new one just yet, you might benefit from renting one of these storage units. Read More 

Packing Tips: Which Items Should You Pack Last?

5 April 2017
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Packing your home for moving day can seem like a big task, and you may want to get started as soon as possible so everything is ready to go on moving day. However, if you pack certain items too soon, you may end up having to unpack boxes to get to them. Use this guide to determine which items you should pack just before you move. Baby Clothes Babies can go through several changes of clothes each day, and packing the clothes away can result in you having to do more laundry each day or having to unpack the boxes you've already labeled, organized, and packed. Read More 

Before You Move Your Office, Make Sure You Consider All the Possibilities

30 March 2017
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Moving an office isn't always a simple task. It can become a business interruption that costs you more than just the cost of the physical move. To make the move go more smoothly, you should take a few things into account. Know Precisely Why You're Moving Is it absolutely necessary you relocate your office? Is it necessary you do it now? Sometimes a move can represent a gut reaction. Maybe you saw a new location that looked more appealing to you. Read More