Packing Tips: Which Items Should You Pack Last?

5 April 2017
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Packing your home for moving day can seem like a big task, and you may want to get started as soon as possible so everything is ready to go on moving day. However, if you pack certain items too soon, you may end up having to unpack boxes to get to them. Use this guide to determine which items you should pack just before you move.

Baby Clothes

Babies can go through several changes of clothes each day, and packing the clothes away can result in you having to do more laundry each day or having to unpack the boxes you've already labeled, organized, and packed. Instead, consider packing away seasonal items you know you won't need, such as snowsuits or heavy blankets, and leave the rest until the day before you move.

Towels & Toiletries

Packing the items in your bathroom last is generally a good idea. This means you'll have easy access to your soaps, cosmetics, towels, and other daily necessities. Have everyone take a shower the night before the move, and then place all of your towels, washcloths, and shower curtains in the laundry so they are clean and ready to pack on the morning of the move. Wipe down soap and shampoo bottles after everyone has showered, and place them in an open box.

On the morning of your move, pack away everything else, such as deodorant and makeup, and label the box clearly so you can unpack these essentials in your new home right away.

Wires, Cables & Chargers

All of the wires, cables, and chargers you use for your electronics every day should be packed away right before you move. Be sure to fully charge everyone's cell phones the night before you move, and place all of these electronics essentials in a small box that goes with you during the move. Keeping it off of the moving truck can help to ensure you have easy access when you need it.


You may find that you need basic household tools throughout the day of your move. You may need screwdrivers to disassemble items that don't fit through your doorway, and you might need a claw hammer to remove nails from your walls. 

Check your toolbox to make sure you have all of the basic tools you might need for moving day, and keep the toolbox away from the rest of the items you'll be packing. You can bring it with you in your vehicle to ensure easy access at your current home and your new one. If you are having your moving company handle packing services for you, be sure to discuss which items you don't want them to pack for you.

This list is a good starting point for directing the movers about which items to avoid packing, and remember to be present while they are packing your items so you can answer any questions about other items that might need to be set aside until moving day. For more tips, contact companies like Caccamise Moving & Storage Co.