Before You Move Your Office, Make Sure You Consider All the Possibilities

30 March 2017
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Moving an office isn't always a simple task. It can become a business interruption that costs you more than just the cost of the physical move. To make the move go more smoothly, you should take a few things into account.

Know Precisely Why You're Moving

Is it absolutely necessary you relocate your office? Is it necessary you do it now? Sometimes a move can represent a gut reaction. Maybe you saw a new location that looked more appealing to you. But does the new location offer more value to your business?

A business move isn't like any other move. With a business, a move should represent an investment in the future of your organization. For example, if moving your office will put you in a better position to hire talent, then it's a good move.

If the move will give you better access to fiber optic lines to aid your data infrastructure, then it's probably a good idea. However, if the move will cost you more than benefit you, then it's likely a bad business decision. You should put a lot of thought into precisely why you're moving.

Plan for the Possible Consequences of Your Move

If you're set on moving, you need to give your business the best chance to stay afloat during the move. To that end, you should plan your move extensively. You should also consider what kind of obstacles you will face during a move, like the following:

Are you going from a high traffic to low traffic area?

You may want to consider moving within the same area, instead of away from it. If you're somewhere with competition, and more people, then it may help to stay around all that activity.

Competition can help you stay focused and working towards your goals. High traffic area gives you far more opportunities for free advertising and more eyes on your brand.

Will you make it harder for those you do business with?

Are you moving to a location your vendors can reach? If you send or receive many packages, then you need to make sure your new location has the same accessibility or better than your current location.

If you take a lot of visitors, the same rules apply. For example, if you relocate from a building with free and adequate parking, you can frustrate those who do business with you if your new place has metered and low-volume parking.

There are many more considerations, and you would do well to develop a checklist to make sure you take every single one of them into account. For example, you need to know if you can still use the same utility companies, or if you have to find new ones. The same applies to ISPs and other providers.

Use a Moving Company that Understands

As you can tell, office relocation isn't a decision you should take lightly. For the actual move, you should work with local movers like who know how to make a business relocation occur smoothly. Moving a business isn't like moving to a new home.

A moving company like Redondo Van & Storage that specializes in office relocation can work with you to make sure you have everything in order. They can help you make the actual move with little downtime, so you can have your office up and running with little hassle.