Pack Your Storage Unit Like A Pro

13 November 2020
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Most people load a storage unit only a couple of times in their lives, and they figure out how to do it as they go. There's nothing specifically wrong with this. But what if you want to skip the trial-and-error and pack your storage unit like a pro? Then you need to follow these tips.

Use boxes in one or two sizes.

Instead of gathering whatever boxes you have on hand, spend a little more to buy actual moving boxes in one or two different sizes. This will make it easier for you to stack the boxes; there won't be a really big one that you have to put on the bottom or a long one that throws off your stack alignment.

Stack boxes from heaviest to lightest.

When packing your boxes, use a color-coded marking system to indicate which ones are heavy, which are medium weight, and which are light. For instance, you can label heavy boxes in red, medium ones in orange, and light ones in yellow. This way, you can put heavy boxes on the bottom of stacks and work your way up towards the lightest. This stacking technique keeps lighter boxes from caving in under the pressure of heavier ones.

Line the walls, and then make a central island of boxes.

When arranging boxes in your storage unit, start by stacking them directly against the walls. When you run out of space along the walls, start creating an island of boxes in the middle. This way, you can leave a U-shaped path through the unit and have easy access to all of the boxes.

Cover furniture and appliances loosely.

You don't want to tightly cover furniture or appliances and risk trapping any moisture against them. And you don't want to leave the items uncovered so they get dusty. The perfect in-between solution is to cover your items loosely with a sheet or blanket. 

Label, label, label.

Every box needs a label. Make sure the label is facing your walkway through the storage unit. This way, when you need to find something in the storage unit, you won't have to unstack and open box after box. Spending a little time to label saves you a lot of time later on.

Packing your storage unit is easy with the pro tips above! You'll do such an excellent job that friends and family members will start asking you to help pack their storage units. For more information on how to prep your storage unit, contact a specialist today.