Pack For A Breakage-Free Move

12 July 2016
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Every move can be an anxious time as you try to get your personal items to your new home without dents, cracks and breaks. You can pack your items like professional movers to minimize the risk of damage. If you wish, leave the most delicate items for the moving company's packing services to handle. Here are some tips for packing like a professional so you won't have any surprises when you open the boxes at your new home.

1. Have a variety of packing materials handy before you start.

When you have boxes, wrapping paper and an assortment of packing essentials available as you start packing up, you're less likely to compromise your items by making do with inadequate supplies. Start out on packing day with the following items:

  • packing boxes in different sizes
  • rolls of bubble wrap with different sized bubbles
  • cardboard packing sheets
  • foam packing sheets and rolls
  • packing paper in rolls and sheets
  • scissors or box cutters
  • packing tape

2. Pack similar items together in the smallest box that will hold them.

Multiple smaller boxes are easier to manage than large overloaded packing boxes. Pack breakables and un-breakables separately. For instance, don't pack your cookbooks and kitchen china together in the same box.

3. Use packing paper and padding freely.

Start by lining every box with a layer of crumpled up packing paper. When a box is full, fill any remaining spaces with packing paper. Shifting of the items in a packing box is a primary cause of breakage.

Tips for Packing the Kitchen China

  1. Wrap each item individually with bubble wrap.
  2. Place dishes on their edge in the packing box with a cardboard or foam sheet in between each piece.
  3. Leave a couple of inches between the sides of the box and the china to fill with crumpled packing paper.

Tips for Packing Glassware

  1. Fill each glass with crumpled packing paper and then wrap it with more paper.
  2. Place the glasses with the opening down in the box.
  3. Continue until you have a layer full of glasses.
  4. Place sheets of cardboard or foam on top of the row of glasses.
  5. Start a row on top of the sheets and continue layering this way until the box is full.

Tips for Packing Picture Frames

  1. Wrap each frame with packing paper.
  2. Place the frames on their edge in the box with a sheet of cardboard or foam between each frame.
  3. Leave a couple of inches free between the frames and the sides of the box to fill with crumpled packing paper.

Tips for Packing Irregularly Shapes Items

Even challenging items, such as a teapot, can be wrapped securely to prevent damage.

  1. Wrap bubble wrap around the item and secure it tightly with packing tape so the item can't move.
  2. Using one or more cardboard packing sheets, bend the cardboard around the item to create a box.
  3. Secure the "box" with packing tape.
  4. Mark on the box what is inside to make unpacking easier at your destination.
  5. When there are multiple pieces involved, such as a porcelain teapot and lid, wrap each item separately.

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