Questions You Need To Ask When Renting A Storage Unit

22 January 2015
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Taking out a storage unit is a great way to free up space within your home or office. Items that you want to hold on to, but don't need to have right by your side can be stored securely in a storage unit at a safe location. If you have never used a storage unit before then here is a handy list of some of questions you should ask when taking out a rental agreement:

What Type Of Security Do The Units Have?

Ask what type of security each unit offers and if there is a guarded entrance that only tenants have access to. You also need to know if the units have any type of video surveillance installed, so in the event of a break in there is video evidence. Some units also have a built in security doors that you can programmed with a combination that only you would know.

Other units may require you to install a pad-lock that can only be opened with a key, so make sure that you know how many people have access to the key. Also make sure you ask if the storage unit offers any type of insurance for theft so you can protect any valuable items contained inside your unit.

Does It Have Climate Control?

An important thing to ask is if the units are climate controlled and have some sort of built in heat source into the unit itself. In winter climates storage items can become damaged if subjected to frigid freezing temperatures and the cold weather can ruin appliances, furniture or collectibles.

When items are subjected to cold temperatures for long periods of time they have a tendency to shrink or expand when cold or heat is applied, so beware as this can cost you money if you have to replace items. In summer months the humidity could cause things like furniture to sweat excessively and build up moisture. A climate-controlled unit will allow you to store items year round without having to worry about what the temperature is like outside.

Are There Cancellation Fees & Security Deposits?

Some storage units may require 30 days notice that you want to cancel a unit. Others may require a security deposit, which could be lost if the unit is damaged at the time when you close out your account. All this should be negotiated at the time when you sign up for an account, so make sure that you store the paperwork somewhere where you can access it if you need to take a look at the agreement.

If the storage unit requires you to sign a contract and some of them offer monthly rental or yearly units at a discounted price. If you know that you will need the unit for a full year ask about a discount on the monthly price if you agree to commit to a full year contract.

All these things can help you get a good storage unit that will store your goods at a decent price. Check with a storage unit provider in your area or a company like El Cajon Mini Storage to get a full list of prices and sizes of the units available and help.